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What Will You Learn:

Overview and Pricing

We show you how to setup you new account and explain the difference between the free and the paid account.

Power Ups

How to extend the power of Trello by using  "Power Ups"

What is a Card?

Cards are at the core of Trello. We'll show you how to create them properly.

Using Labels

Label you tasks so you know exactly what you are working on and exactly what tools or processes you need to follow to complete you task.

Creating Teams

Does your project need input from others? We show you how to create your "Team" and give them access to the project.

Profile Activity Tracking

Need help remembering what you were working on? No worries. Trello tracks your activity overall and by each card you work on.

Manage Any Project Your Way

Get organized with your free Trello account.

Get On Board


01- Overview and Pricing

02- Working With The Menu

03- Configure Settings

04- Trello Power Ups

05- Cards and Due Dates

Frequently Ask Question

Trello is free but offers a paid version with additional features.

If your not happy with your purchase just submit a ticket to our customer service within 14 days and we will cheerfully refund your payment.

Boy do we. You might consider joining our DIY monthly membership where you will have access to all of the training we offer for as long as you remain a paid member.

Streamline Your Processes.

Do you have goals and ambitions for your business you want to achieve in the coming days or months?

I’m sure you do and you’re looking for solutions that will help you achieve this faster without much headaches.

You need a structure.

You need something that will gather all your thoughts, ideas, projects, people and your entire business process on in one central place so that you can exercise full control over those activities at a glance.

The answer to your need is: TRELLO

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